Choosing glasses with lenses that match what our eyes need, will have a good effect on treating the eyes and will be quite helpful in making vision more normal again. However, if we choose glasses with lenses that do not fit our eyes, then this will be quite bad for our eyes. Therefore, the selection of glasses, especially for the selection of lenses, must be considered. In addition to your reference, we will provide some descriptions of the various types of lenses. First, eyeglass lenses with single vision lenses. Lenses that use a , are made to have only one focal point, which is enough to correct visual disturbances in one direction only. This type of lens will usually be used by some users who have farsighted vision problems with the minus lens and farsightedness with the positive lens.

The second, glasses that can change color. Lenses with glasses that can change colors or better known as photochromic. This type of lens contains photochromic which is embedded so that it will be able to change color according to the existing light exposure. That way, those of you who use it will not be dazzled by the light. Usually the greater the light intensity, the darker the lens changes. On the other hand, as the intensity of the light decreases, the glasses with photochromic lenses will look clearer. This type of photochromic lens is very good for maintaining the health of your eyes in the long term and of course, the protection is also quite strong.

Third, there are types of glasses with 5 lenses. These are different types of glasses and can be adapted to suit your needs. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see eyeglass lenses that can be removed and put back on. 5 lens glasses, these can also be clip-on.

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