Those of you who often make cakes or other sweet foods and drinks are certainly no stranger to whipped cream or whipped cream. This one food ingredient is famous for its soft results, mild taste, and many uses. Want to know more about what can be made with whipped cream? Before that, let’s find out first what cream chargers for sale are and how to make them.

Traditionally, whipped cream is made from heavy cream or heavy cream with a high-fat content of up to 30%. And as the name implies, this cream is then shaken so that the air is “forced” into the previously liquid cream. Thanks to its fat content, the tiny air bubbles that form can be stabilized. Then it becomes a soft cream that expands because there are many air cavities in it. But along with the development of food technology, currently, there is also whipped cream with lower fat content. There is even a vegetable whipped cream made from plants so that it is free from animal fat. Initially sold in the form of liquid cream that must be stored at cold temperatures. This cream should not be left at room temperature for too long, especially after the seal has been opened. Of course, it’s a shame if the cream gets spoiled, especially because the price of liquid whipped cream can be said to be expensive. Therefore, then comes the innovation of whipped cream in powder form. Besides being easier to store and durable, the whipped cream powder is also relatively cheaper and more practical. Simply mixed with cold water and shaken for a few minutes, the whipped cream powder can expand as well as liquid whipped cream.

Whipped cream which is white is also very easy to mix with other dyes. Just mix food coloring, then whipped cream can come in any color we want. Likewise with taste. Whipped cream which tends to be bland or slightly sweet can be given any flavoring as desired. Therefore, in the world of pastry and bakery whipped cream is generally used as an alternative to buttercream for frosting or the outer layer of cakes. With a light taste and texture, whipped cream is complementary to the taste of the cake, not overpowering it.

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