Employing several full-time staff in one place is sometimes very burdensome for the HRD department and the expenses of the institution or company. Especially if we do our own business and double as staff and director at the same time. No one can master various skills so it’s a good idea to delegate some of the work to other people or institutions. One type of work that can be delegated or outsourced is transcription, translation, and archive management. You can visit alphabetsecretarial.co.uk to get the best transcription service. Even some people think that doing transcripts is considered less important, monotonous, and is considered to be lacking in creativity. This type of work is usually not widely liked because it is boring, less challenging, and the results are sometimes unsatisfactory.

However, in a fierce business competition, efficiency in managing information is the most important key. One of the links in the process of managing information is to transcribe meetings, discussions, interviews that are considered important for the development of product or service quality. There are still many people who do not understand transcription services. In simple terms, transcription is the conversion of the form of speech to text whether the source is video or digital audio recordings. Then for what speech or discussion results are made in the form of text? The results of the transcription can be used for various purposes, such as documenting the process of an activity, as a reminder of several important points from a discussion, and as an archive of an agreement or correspondence.

Especially for legal transcription, it is the recording of court proceedings, correspondence, or notes from meetings such as arbitrations, court cases, and legal records. Meanwhile, for market research players or focus group discussions, transcription is an activity to document the opinions of a group of people who review a product or service. Then transcription in the medical field is used to keep records of patient progress, referrals, correspondence, insurance cases, and medical histories. So don’t take transcription for granted as a product and part of corporate information management. If you believe that information is power then strengthen your business by managing information properly and professionally.

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