Everyone is born with different skin color. Therefore, the selection of colors for eyebrow pencils will definitely be different. For those of you who have white skin, an eyebrow pencil with a light brown color can make your appearance look more natural. Meanwhile, if you have a medium skin tone, choose an eyebrow pencil with black color with a hint of brown so that it blends in with your skin color more. Well, it’s different if your skin is brown. For owners of tan skin, avoid eyebrow pencil colors with brownish-red shades. Instead, you are better off using soap brows and choosing an eyebrow pencil with a dark gray color to make your face look brighter.

If you have a square face shape, you should avoid eyebrows that are too sharp
Owners of a square face shape are endowed with a defined face angle. The width of the hairline and jaw is almost the same. For this reason, the right eyebrow shape for a square face is one that is able to disguise and soften the corners of the face. Avoid the shape of the eyebrows that are too sharp and the angle of the eyebrows is high. In contrast, eyebrows with natural lines tend to be circular at the lower arch. This eyebrow shape makes a square face look softer.

If your face shape is heart, you should avoid eyebrows that are too thick
The owner of a square face has facial features that tend to shrink at the bottom. Heart-shaped faces usually have a sharp chin and jawline. So that your face shape is ideal, you should avoid eyebrow lines that are too thick so that the shape is balanced with the lower part of your small face. We recommend that you form eyebrows with natural lines and fill in the empty eyebrows using eyebrow powder to make them look fuller but still look natural.

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