Generally, several ingredients are usually used to make synthetic grass. First, nylon material, this material is strong enough when used for synthetic grass. Not only that, but the artificial grass made of nylon material is also quite strong and not easily damaged and is resistant to various weather. Another material used to make synthetic grass is polypropylene. This material tends to be tougher when compared to the previous material.

How to install synthetic grass is quite easy, but there are several ways you can do so that the grass is more durable and durable. You also don’t need to install artificial grass yourself, because usually from the shop you can directly attach the grass you buy.

If you want to install artificial grass, there are several ways to install artificial grass to make it durable, including:

First, you can prepare the area to be covered with synthetic grass. If the area you are installing is an outdoor area, you should first clean the ground area that is on the surface.

After that, you can spread small gravel on the land where you want to install synthetic grass. Also, make sure the area is clean from various other impurities. The gravel functions as drainage when it rains, because the carpet is installed on the outside.

Next is to compact the gravel with a tool such as a tamper plate, if not available, you can use a hoe or other tool that can compact the soil. This is done to minimize the pores between the gravel.

If so, you can coat the gravel with a heavy-duty landscape cloth which will protect the grass from being easily damaged, especially if it is hit by gravel. This method can slow down the growth of native grass in the underground area of ​​the artificial grass.

After all, you can nail it with nails, or glue it to make it even more durable. Don’t forget to sprinkle sand to create a natural impression, and splash a little water to add a natural feel and make the grass look fresh. You don’t need to install it if you buy Synthetic Agents.

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