It is important to regularly sweep the terrace. Use a broomstick to better collect dust and grime. If the pavers have unsealed edges and there are cracks, you should be more effective at removing buildup. If there is ice or snow, you may need to use a shovel to remove it effectively. If you choose to use a defrosting product because you feel that there is too much snow to remove, remember that you should remove the puddle immediately afterward. Leaving a lot of melted ice on the pavers for a relatively long time will likely cause damage to the pavers. Any sand or grit should be removed, and if silt develops it is best to wash it off. Apart from that, if you don’t want to clean your concrete patio pavers by yourself, you can hire experts in Patio pavers Tulsa.

Once most of the dirt has been swept away or scooped out, you should take the time to inspect the pavers. Inevitably, you have to act to fix the problem that you might notice.

Start by rinsing the patio pavers with plenty of water, using a garden hose. The water spray will help remove more persistent dirt. However, do not apply too high pressure as you can cause damage to the pavers. Add some mild detergent and clean the pavers with a push broom. Then, rinse it off with clear water and let it dry. Squeezing the water with a wringer will ease the drying stage, especially if it is not a sunny day.

If any stain remains after the first wash, then that means you need to determine what type of stain it is so it can be treated better and hopefully get rid of it. Mold stains can often be removed effectively by applying bleach to water and scrubbing well. In case of oil stains, it’s best to apply a liquid degreaser. Paint stains should be removed or removed with a paint stripper. Always try to use cleaners that are not acidic or made from chemicals that can further harm the pavers. Discoloration or fading can occur if you don’t pay special attention in these cases.

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