Having a vehicle is not only the engine that must be cared for and paid attention to. Car tyres must also be a top priority because if the tyres are leaking or the tyre pressure is not good, then your car will not run perfectly. Your activities will automatically be disrupted. For that, as a good vehicle owner, you must pay close attention to the condition of your car tyres. Always treat and check its condition. You can also bring your damaged tyres to the mobile tyre fitting essex.

For more details, read the following explanation so that your car remains comfortable and safe to drive:

Don’t forget to check the tyre pressure before driving

Checking car tyre pressure is very important. Especially if your car is driven for long distances. This tyre pressure must be stable according to the manufacturer’s default standard wind size. You can check the table for the standard size of the wind pressure at the bottom of your steering wheel, yes. Don’t forget to do it always!

Always rotate the car tyres regularly

Well, this is much more important so that your car tyres stay durable. That’s right, rotate your car tyres regularly. The front tyres should be rotated to the rear wheels because the front tyres are heavier than the rear tyres. Ideally, this tyre rotation is done at 5000km once, guaranteed tyres will last.

Make sure the tyre valve is completely closed

Don’t underestimate this little thing. The valve must be attached to your car tyre to keep the air pressure from reducing. Always make sure the valve caps are securely attached to your tyres. You can check it when you check the tyre pressure, you know.

Pay attention to the load of the car, don’t overdo it

This is often overlooked. You also have to pay attention to the carload so that the car tyres are well maintained. Adjust a load of your car to the initial manufacturer’s standards, don’t overdo it. Remember, a load of your car tyres will be at risk if the load is too heavy.

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