Milk and tea drinks such as kombucha tea, this has very good benefits for health and both are drinks that are classified as healthy. As we know that the benefits of milk are to protect bone strength, this is very good Kefir Grains. Milk is a proven product that contains a variety of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fat, and milk can also provide a pleasant effect. Besides, this type of drink can make blood sugar levels better and of course, can reduce the risk of diabetes. This type of milk that is low in fat can help the body absorb calcium so that our bones can become strong. Meanwhile, tea also has many benefits, one of which is to protect teeth.

Several studies show that tea can slow down the growth of bacteria that cause dental plaque and of course tea also reduces the ability of bacteria to stick to teeth. Not only that, but tea can also stop certain types of bacteria from producing harmful acids. Tea that contains fluoride, will protect your teeth and of course, you can be confident because the aroma of tea comes out of your mouth and not bad smells due to bacteria in your mouth. Tea does not harm health because it contains natural tea and is processed in a hygienic way to maintain the quality of the tea. Consuming tea regularly can prevent tooth decay.

Tea contains compounds that can erode plaque, so this will help in cleaning the teeth and reduce the possibility of cavities. Not only that, but the properties of this tea also continue to help freshen the breath. Drinking a cup of tea in the morning will be able to help you smile brighter and more confident with fresh breath. If you get used to it every day, of course, you will be able to feel the extraordinary benefits of tea.

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