The color theme can greatly determine whether or not the room in your residence is comfortable. So many types of colors, you may be a little dizzy choosing the right color for the interior design of the house. Moreover, you also have to be able to create a room with a feel that makes you feel at home. So, to make all that happen, how about choosing an ivory color? Don’t be afraid your room will look monotonous. The combination of ivory yellow walls with furniture with colors that lead to yellow or brown can make the room feel more simple. Now, to create an extra comfortable atmosphere, you can add a carpet that has been cleaned with best cheap carpet cleaner and curtains that are still the same color.

Want to make an interior design that is simpler, but still elegant? Try painting your room with an ivory yellow color that has a slightly dark or brown tone. In addition, mix it with a variety of multifunctional furniture of the same color, but with clear gradations. If likened to, ivory yellow and brown is best friends. If you use ivory for the wall surface, try adding a brown color to the floor of the house. One option, you can use wood parquet floors. That way, the interior design of your home is guaranteed to look bright, spacious, and luxurious at the same time.

Do you have a house with a limited area? The concept of open space interior design is the best solution to make the room more spacious and save space. However, if it is still lacking, there may be something wrong with the paint color of your house. Try repainting the walls of the open space with ivory yellow. Guaranteed, the room will look more spacious and you will feel more comfortable! For those of you who prioritize perfection and don’t want the term failure in designing the interior of the room, try combining ivory with white! You can paint the entire wall of the room with this soft yellow color. Meanwhile, for the doors, windows, and main furniture, choose the dominant white color. The result? Guaranteed to amaze everyone because it looks perfectly blended. The combination of these two colors is perfect for inspiration for your room.
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