Building a building structure cannot be separated from consideration of many things, both in terms of layout, strength, and so on. Likewise the construction of the swimming pool. In every building of a swimming pool, it is necessary to consider and take into account everything carefully. So that water circulation can be realized efficiently. One of them is knowing how to calculate the capacity of a swimming pool pump. Before deciding to buy a pump, first determine its capacity through calculations, starting from the distance from the pool to the engine compartment, water combination, and the area of ??the equipment room. If calculated correctly, the results will be maximized. Therefore, the best part, you can use the services of Marvel Pools Sunshine Coast to design your swimming pool.

The space between the swimming pool and the pump is very influential on the flow rate (the ability to drain water within a certain time). You can take an example, for example, a distance of more than 15 meters, you just need to add half the HP of the normal size. Choose the type and size of the pump according to your needs. Do not be too small or too big, it will certainly have an impact on the installation of the pipe as well as the filter used. In addition, determine all the estimated funds for all needs, so as not to cost a lot. Calculating the size of the pool volume is necessary to determine the HP pump to be used. This affects the force when pushing and sucking water into the filtering device. For the system to work optimally. If you have a pool with a size of 10 m, it is 1.5 m deep and 4 m wide. How to calculate it can use the formula length times width times inside as follows: 10 m x 4 m x 1.5 m = 60 m3. Thus, the combination can already be known.

Calculating the pump room area is very helpful in the process of applying the tool. Looking at the results above, it can be seen that the volume of water is 60 m3. Thus, you can choose the size of 1 HP to get maximum results. For a flow rate of 16 m3/hour, the pump can drain 16 m3 of water into a swimming pool. With a combination of about 60 m3, it will take approximately four hours for one circulation to take place. Then the area of ??space 60: 16 = 3.75.

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