Clogged drains can be a source of hygiene problems. An unpleasant odor also appeared because the bathroom and sink in the kitchen were filled with stagnant wastewater. Stagnant water that appears due to damaged water channels also contains bacteria and germs that are harmful to the health of family members. You can prevent that by solving the clogged drain problems yourself, or you can also call the service.

To avoid harmful things that result from clogged drains, you can try the following tips:

Find out the cause of clogged drains

The inhibition of the flow of water in the drain is usually caused by loose strands of hair, soap, and shampoo residue that builds upon the inside of the pipe. Objects that are difficult to decompose, such as tissue and leftover sanitary napkins are often scattered and thrown into the toilet, bathtub, or bidet, causing the dirty water channel to the septic tank to become clogged. While in the sink, food residue and oil are the main causes of clogged drains. Oil adhering to the inside of the water line can harden and block the flow of water.

Don’t throw the trash into drains

Clogged drains can be easily prevented, one of which is by not throwing any trash into the sink, closet, and sink. Leftovers should be thrown in the trash immediately. Liquid waste such as oil, butter, and coconut milk can be filtered before being dumped into waterways or disposed of directly when put in a container. So that you don’t have to bother with vacuuming when the drains are clogged, think twice before throwing any trash into the sink and sink.

Make sure that the drainage is cleaned periodically

Dealing with food scraps and strands of hair is often unavoidable. Therefore, clean the hole or the end of the water pipe at least once a week. Use a liquid disinfectant to kill bacteria and germs that nest there. Benefits are also baking soda or vinegar to destroy the dirt that has accumulated in the drains. Both of these cooking ingredients can also be used as a way to deal with clogged toilets. In addition, installing a filter in the floor drain (drainage) hole can also prevent large objects from entering the water channel.

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