In the business world, sticker cutting is a technique of cutting sticker material that is tailored to the design including colour or pattern by using custom stickers cutting machine or computer.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of cutting stickers, such as:

Advantages of Cutting Sticker

– More durable and the colours produced from this technique are not easily faded or faded compared to stickers that use digital printing techniques. Types of sticker materials such as Oracal can maintain their colour for up to about 5 years. This is because cutting stickers do not use ink but provide permanent pigment on the sticker.
– Cutting sticker types such as the phosphor or Scotchlite can produce colour when it is dark compared to digital printing which does not yet have the capability of cutting stickers.
– Cutting sticker creates a sticker whose cut is adjusted to the shape of the sticker itself. So that the application is more flexible for various types of media compared to sticker making techniques such as digital printing which has a square result.

And for now, there is a technology that combines digital printing techniques with cutting stickers called printout. However, the machine used to make PrintCut stickers is still very expensive.

Disadvantages of Cutting Sticker

– Has a more complicated manufacturing process than digital sticker printing, but with the complexity of the manufacturing process, the results will not disappoint.
– Has a long working time because some parts of the work must be done manually such as weeding or peeling or the process of separating stickers that are not needed.
– The sticker technique has limited colours, especially solid or non-graded colours. But even so, this technique can still be circumvented by using animation drawing techniques. For example, using the raster to Vector program or using Corel Trace. You won’t be able to use it right away because you have to set it up first.

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