Have you ever been confused when looking for a hard case for your favorite smartphone? Of course, you don’t want to make a random choice, do you? This thick and tightly closed Hardcase will not make it difficult for you because the audio jack, lightning port, volume button, and so on are still free for you to touch with your fingertips. Available in metal red, space metal blue, space gray, satin silver, and gold, you will feel that your smartphone is not too bulky. Even though the Hardcase is thick and strong, you can still feel comfortable holding it. More than that, you can still access all the buttons easily. For those of you who like to listen to music, the audio jack has a wide design so you don’t have to worry because Spigen is quite friendly with a large-headed headphone jack. You can see more details on our official link, burga.com/collections/samsung-galaxy-s10-cases.

Our products provide double protection for your premium smartphone. The protective material used is TPU rubber and Polycarbonate on the back. “Air Cushion Technology,” which combines protection with a tough aluminum bumper and flexible TPU rubber. This Hardcase can protect the maximum in the protection area. Our Hardcase is not equipped with a screen protector. But even so, the area around the camera has an overdraft depth of 1.5 mm for the front screen and 1.88 mm for the rear camera. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if the device accidentally drops. This is because the quality used for the TPU rubber is quite thick, so it will ensure the safety of your premium smartphone device.

In addition to protection on the screen, you will also be spoiled with protection on the edge of the device that functions as a shock absorber when it falls. Through a tough casing from burga.com/collections/samsung-galaxy-s10-cases with air cushion technology, our products have a spiderweb-like pattern on the casing.

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